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The Monday Mag – June 6, 2016

In This Edition Of Our Weekly Magazine:

  • General Tao’s American Chicken… Very American
  • From Garden To Canvas
  • The Varnum Chimes In

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week ~ “We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.” – Alan Turing.

general tso chicken

General Tao’s American Chicken. Very American. – Chinese take-out is as popular here in the US as pizza. And General Tao’s Chicken is perhaps the best known “Chinese” delicacy next to Fortune Cookies. But you need only travel to New York City if you wish to experience real General Tao Chicken, for this is where the sweet and spicy dish was created and introduced in the 1970’s. The name? Well, the General in question really existed, though his proper name is Tso Tsungtang. He was a formidable man indeed and a celebrated military leader of the late 19th century. He has been compared to our American Civil War Commander William Tecumseh Sherman… Incidentally, Fortune Cookies are not Chinese either!

vegetable based paint

From Garden To Canvas – This is way cool! We stumbled upon easy-to-follow steps to turn colorful fruits, vegetables, spices and even coffee into paint. As you might imagine, the display life of any image created using these paints is short. What a great way to teach resourcefulness, from-scratch creativity and the art of letting go. For Yellow: Pour 2 tbsp of boiling water over the grated peel of one lemon. Let stand 10 minutes. Strain all juices into a cup. Mix 1 tsp of the juice with 6 tsp powdered sugar. There are 12 recipes. The website source is Click here for the Downloadable PDF. Have fun!

books about food

The Varnum Chimes In – If you’ve been following this Monday Mag, you know that we sometimes highlight food-related books. We were just about to recommend a new title when a genius idea (if we may say so ourselves) surfaced: We’ve been hunting titles online, yet an awesome library sits just two doors away. The next step was self-evident. We’ve invited Christy, at The Varnum Memorial Library, to suggest a different book each week during the summer months. She accepted without hesitation. Some will be geared to children, others to adults or family. Perhaps you’ll be curious and make a small detour to your local library. Perhaps the mere mention of a book will inspire you in some way. Good food for the soul anyway. We can’t wait to see what Christy will suggest. Look for her first recommendation right here next Monday.


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