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The Monday Mag – June 8, 2015

In This Edition Of Our Weekly Magazine:

– Russian Dressing Is From New Hampshire
– Edible Sun Protection
– And Then Put It On Your Skin

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week – You Can’t Make An Omelette Without Breaking Eggs.” – François De Charette

Russian Dressing Is From New Hampshire… And Other Food Origins – We love Mental Floss. Since you’re going to spend a few minutes watching clips from your Facebook feed at some point today (like, as soon as you get to the office), might as well learn a thing or two about the origin of food. It makes for good filler conversation at the dinner table.

158 main - potatoes

Edible Sun Protection – You’ve heard of cucumber slices or teabags under the eyes to ease puffiness, but skin health goes beyond skin deep and diet does have an impact on skin’s resilience. Take your vitamins, and the best way to do so is in real foods. Bite into fresh guava with abandon to take advantage of its rich content in vitamin C, a natural skin-healing antioxidant. That is 5 times more C than in an orange. You’ve also been told to cut down on starchy foods, but studies point to the starchy potato as a proper prescription to reduce the sting of a sunburn from the inside out. Not surprisingly, anti-oxidant rich tomato sauce has been shown to offer brilliant protection from the sun. In a study, subjects who consumed 5 tablespoons of tomato paste daily for several months increased their skins resistance to the sun by 25%.

158 main - lettuce

And Then Put It On Your Skin – Speaking of fruit, got strawberries? Shoulder and neck sunburns are common during the first few weeks of summer and strawberries are quite conveniently in season too. Make a paste with corn starch, crushed strawberries and a bit of water. Apply to sunburn for cool relief. By the way, you can make a paste with potatoes too. We recommend soaking in a warm oatmeal bath while you’re at it. Then again, there’s always lettuce. Boil it. Strain the liquid in a glass jar. Refrigerate for several hours. Soak a gentle cloth in the liquid and gently dab skin for surprisingly effective pain relief. Finally, we hear more and more that whole fat milk is better for you, but fat-free is good for that burning skin. Simply apply as a compress for about 20 minutes. Enjoy the sun!

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