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The Monday Mag – Apr 20, 2015

In This Edition Of Our New Weekly Magazine:

In The 158 Main Monday Magazine, This Week:
– Don’t Throw That Milk Carton Away Just Yet
– For The Birds
– The Ultimate Earth Day Activities List

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week – “How is it that our memory is good enough to retain the least triviality that happens to us, and yet not good enough to recollect how often we have told it to the same person?” – François VI de la Rochefoucault

158 - blog - family fun

Don’t Throw That Milk Carton Away Just Yet – This week’s magazine is all about creative fun. With Earth Day landing smack in the middle of this week, we thought this was a good opportunity to dig up some creative ways to savor the day. Our first stop turns an everyday container into well, another form of container. We found this clever milk carton conversion in Parents Magazine. What we like about this one is the twist on a known truth about kids’ relationship to food: Play is one of the most effective ways to teach them good eating habits. Learn how to make Milk Carton Snack Packs HERE.

158 - blog - bird seed


For The Birds – Not your ordinary bird seed cake. We often think of earth day as a time to clean up, but one sure way to instill appreciation for nature in little ones is to encourage them to care for the critters of the yard. While these home-made seed feeders may appear to have a slight Holiday touch, this is precisely what caught our eye. They are different, and very easy to make. Get the recipe on By Stephanie Lynn.

158 - blog - activities 2

The Ultimate Earth Day Activities List – Tinkerlab put together a list of 50 Earth Day Activities For Kids. Who says they should be for kids only? Earth Day is a great opportunity (huh-um, excuse) for us grown ups to give free rein to our natural playfulness, and silliness too. It’s time to sit on the ground, get our hands dirty, draw even if we think we can’t draw and giggle. Our 3 personal favorites:

1- Slide Drawing – tape paper to a slide, add some crayons, go! (Oh the temptation!).
2- Make a Trashy Collage for Earth Day.
3- Nature Study and Georgia O’Keefe.
See the entire list HERE.

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