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A New Year’s Eve Gallery

We took down the Holiday decorations this weekend. Time flies.

New Year’s Eve is our last curtain call, so to speak. There is no rehearsal – although every day is rehearsal in a way – but as in the theater all crews suddenly come onstage and backstage to install the props that will make the night a success for our audience. The script, our menu, is written weeks ahead; and then pondered and re-written until it feels just right.

Bright winter daylight bathed the stage as we unfolded white tablecloths and folded black napkins. The contrast similar to a black bow-tie against a white shirt. Classy, yet simple. Tablecloths, napkins, bread plates, silverware, candles and water glasses provide the layers that give our tables a festive appearance, the time of an evening.

We’d forget what time it is if it were not for the natural transformation of the light from white to the warm glow of night. Then the feast… and then another tomorrow.

Thank you for another great year!

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