Portraits Of Foodies

Portraits Of Foodies – Dashing Superhero In Your Kitchen? Say Aye!

We began this segment with Ethan Philips, AKA Neelix on Star Trek Voyager. Not everyone is a Trekky, so we thought we’d turn to a more traditional super-hero this time. Ladies and gentlemen, meet James Bond, Chef style.

158 - 0506 - CraigNot only is he charming and exquisitely handsome, but he can cook too, and not just for an everyday family dinner. In other words, he’s got everything going for him.

Daniel Craig was born in England and graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, in London. His father was the landlord of two pubs, the “Boot Inn” and the “Ring o’ Bells”. Upon returning from one of his earliest tours as a theater actor, Craig is said to have supplemented his income by working as a waiter.

It is in an interview with Hello magazine, a United Kingdom publication specializing in celebrity news, and during subsequent interviews with other publications, that Craig revealed his little-known former career as a professional chef. He points out that since this experience took place primarily in the hostelry industry, he can plan a meal and cook for 20 guests or more, but has a very difficult time cooking for just a few, adding that if he does cook for only a few people there are always a lot of leftovers.

We’d eat leftovers from chef Craig’s kitchen any day. How about you?

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