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Random Thoughts – Feb 8, 2013

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Stormy day. Not a blizzard, but steady. Snow adorns lawns, fields and roads in a gentle white robe that seems to make time itself disappear. We are close to the elements today. Even now, in the 21st century, a simple blanket of snow changes the pace and rhythm of our day so that all time seems to fold onto itself, suddenly designing, for as far as we can see, a landscape that has appeared time and again in history. There is no timeline today. Only gentle, white brushstrokes of snow that bring postcard-like memories of the past to mind. Even if we were not there, we are the same people, with the same struggles, in the same village, with similar dreams, but new tools. We seek warmth and company at the same tables, where we talk about the weather and about noticing the beauty of our Vermont winter, as if for the first time.

(Photo courtesy of Silvio, at Ornament Studio)

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