Fricassee of Words

Fricassée of Words – Talking Turkey

With Thanksgiving just days away, it seemed most appropriate to contemplate the all-American phrase, “Talking Turkey.” Few people know the exact meaning of this phrase. Historians have turned to old publications to place it in its proper context and come up with at least three different usages. What is certain, however, is that “Talking Turkey”… Continue reading Fricassée of Words – Talking Turkey

Fricassee of Words

Fricassee of Words – Cream of the Crop

  Of all idioms, food-related and otherwise, “Cream of the Crop” is among the most readily understood across cultures. Of all idioms, it is one of the few that has an equivalent in several other languages. Agriculture is at the root of this expression. The meaning is clear: “the best of the best.” The French… Continue reading Fricassee of Words – Cream of the Crop

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Fricassee of Words – A Watched Pot

A kettleful of water was set to boil moments before these first words were typed. Just a coincidence, mind you. However, the distance from kitchen to keyboard is but a few steps, the short pause required to gather thoughts was nowhere near the writer’s block long stare, and yet the kettle switch just made its… Continue reading Fricassee of Words – A Watched Pot