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August Food Fest

August 3 is National Grab Some Nuts day. Slip this in your conversations around the Barbecue. That friend of yours who has a knack for ad lib stand-up comedy is certain to take you for a good round of laughs with this one. Besides that, August is rather well-fitted in terms of summer food highlights,… Continue reading August Food Fest

Fricassee of Words

Fricassee of Words – Cream of the Crop

  Of all idioms, food-related and otherwise, “Cream of the Crop” is among the most readily understood across cultures. Of all idioms, it is one of the few that has an equivalent in several other languages. Agriculture is at the root of this expression. The meaning is clear: “the best of the best.” The French… Continue reading Fricassee of Words – Cream of the Crop

Food Facts & Lore

A Breakfast Road Trip

You’re familiar with foods named after places. The Philly Cheese Steak comes to mind, as do Hollandaise sauce, Key Lime pie, Canadian bacon and Gruyère cheese. The list goes on and so do the opportunities for future blog articles. Today, however, we contemplate places named after food, and give a new twist to the expression,… Continue reading A Breakfast Road Trip