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Spring Clean Your Plate

Mud season is upon us. New Year’s resolutions behind us. And just about now, we start to muddy our thoughts with a light (or heavy) drizzle of guilt for not clinging to our diet resolutions with dear life. Why do we do this to ourselves? You know the answer, don’t you? Unless you are truly… Continue reading Spring Clean Your Plate

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Fricassee of Words – Eggs in One Basket

Don't put all your eggs in one basket: Don’t make your goal dependent on a single process or resource; don’t concentrate all efforts on a single aspect of your task; don’t direct all resources to a single plan; don’t put all your money in a single investment. With Easter just weeks away, the expression “Don’t… Continue reading Fricassee of Words – Eggs in One Basket

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National News Feed

Writing from the 158 Main counter/bar sometime between breakfast and Lunch. It was Thursday. The front door had seen a constant stream of patrons, locals and visitors. The life and spirit of the dining room made it seem like the entire world was at peace. On the flat screen above, a constant stream of the… Continue reading National News Feed