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Who Invented American Cheese?

Ah, the mother of invention! Yes, believe it or not, American Cheese was not invented so we would have perfectly portioned slices for the lunch box and burger. That came later. But first things first, always. Switzerland, 1911. The problem: Waste during the cheese-making process. The solution: Melt scraps from various cheeses together to form… Continue reading Who Invented American Cheese?

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Potatoes Ain’t From Idaho

Travel back in time, say 10,000 years back to about 8,000 BCE. We’re in Peru, South America, home of the Incas and one of their staple crops, potatoes. Long story short, the Spanish arrive sometime around 1570, collect a few souvenirs, the potato among them; leave their mark, in both desirable and not so cool… Continue reading Potatoes Ain’t From Idaho

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5 Foods That May Help Shape Your Spring Body

New Year’s Resolutions get pushed to the back burner more easily than they are embraced. They tend to scream for attention again in the spring, and for good reason. Research has shown, again and again, that we are in a far better frame of mind to adopt new lifestyle habits in the spring than we… Continue reading 5 Foods That May Help Shape Your Spring Body