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Fricassée of Words – Something Smells Fishy

First, we must consider the process responsible for the characteristic odor emanating from fish that is not as fresh as it should be. Other than a distinctive saline aroma for fish pulled from ocean and estuaries, or an earthy, some might say algae-like smell for soft-water fish, if it’s fresh, it don’t smell much! Air… Continue reading Fricassée of Words – Something Smells Fishy

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Food Trends of the 2010 Decade

Every year has its own food fad. This is probably true since the beginnings of homo sapiens. What might it have been by the times of the great pyramids? The word “fad” did not exist, and though the very concept of it may not appear in hieroglyphs, it is almost certain that tastes came and… Continue reading Food Trends of the 2010 Decade

Food Facts & Lore

2019 Review

52 weeks gone by and almost as many Blog articles. Some weeks, inspiration strikes effortlessly, and the Monday morning article seems to write itself. At other times, it feels like a bit more of a challenge, but researching topics is always a blast. Any historically inclined article and the Fricassée of Words are personal favorits… Continue reading 2019 Review