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Would You Eat This?

  Remember the “Cronuts?” They were the Internet craze of 2017. We may not see them much anymore, but that does not mean they have disappeared. The Cronut remains fashionable and highly sought wherever it has been elevated to a niche delicacy. The “Cruffin” did not get as much press, but it has established its… Continue reading Would You Eat This?

Food Facts & Lore

Food Facts for Table Talk

There is no doubt that you are a good conversationalist, but even you find yourself in the awkward position of sitting in the middle of a dinner chat that is rapidly spiraling down into a list of small complaints about the state of the world. Not that there is anything wrong with that. We all… Continue reading Food Facts for Table Talk

Food Facts & Lore

Who Invented Drinking Straws?

Nature offers several ready-made natural straws and humans have used these for thousands of years. In fact, the straw is said to be one of the oldest “eating” implements, and it seems to have had considerable significance too. Ancient Sumerian cities (modern-day Southern-Iraq) dating back more than 5000 years have revealed a surprising stash of… Continue reading Who Invented Drinking Straws?